About SeekAdvisor

Finding a Financial Advisor is easy – after all, Canada has over 120,000 financial services professionals.  Finding the right Advisor...a great Advisor, has never been more difficult.  In such a large crowd it’s easy to unwittingly find yourself in the hands of a salesperson, ill-equipped to handle the complexity of your family’s finances.  

At SeekAdvisor we’re tilting the floor. 

We believe every Canadian seeking financial advice should have the opportunity to confidently make an educated and informed appraisal of an advisor before entering such a vitally important relationship.  

SeekAdvisor is Canada’s only and most comprehensive directory of its kind.

Our mission at SeekAdvisor is to connect Canadians with Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Fee Only Financial Planners who meet the highest standards of qualifications, professionalism and experience in the financial services industry. In partnership with our member advisors, our goal is to provide a level of clarity and transparency that is intended to empower Canadians seeking their best match in a financial professional.

SeekAdvisor.ca is not affiliated or in partnership with any Broker/Dealer, Financial Planning Firm, Mutual Fund Company, Insurance Company, Credit Union, Bank, or accreditation granting organization. SeekAdvisor.ca is a fully independent entity, operating free of bias or influence. Our advisor members have been carefully vetted and are included in our directory by invitation only. Before gaining admission to the directory our members are carefully selected according to their industry tenure, education, licensing, service offering, cost structure, compliance record, investment philosophy, objectivity, independence and their commitment to always act in their client's best interests.

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